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Biomechanics is the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms. Understanding the nature of how ones frame moves provides us an opportunity to devise ways to maximize performance while minimizing risk of injury.

Each joint is designed to move in a specific manner through its range of motion. Moving athletically requires moving multiple joints and bones in conjunction with each other. Which muscles, tendons and ligaments activate and in what order will determine how we move our frames. If they activate in a manner which maintains alignment with good structural integrity throughout the movement we will have a more effective and more efficient movement with less risk of injury. If, on the other hand, we have a somewhat disconnected series of activations the movement will be less effective with poor efficiency and our risk of injury will be increased. When the muscle, tendon, and ligament strength patterns match ideal bone and joint patterns we end up with a biomechanically correct movement.

Understanding biomechanically correct movement patterns for a specific activity gives us the opportunity to implement training modalities to develop ourselves in ways which are safer, more efficient and more effective.

We offer bio-mechanically correct training that has been scientifically tested and competition proven.

This is where it all begins! Having a good time on the water starts with knowing what to do (and what not to do or avoid). Getting started with the right technique means you won’t have to break bad habits which limit ones potential. We’ll share with you the tricks of the trade and help demystify how to get the board to do EXACTLY what YOU want it to do, so you can go where YOU want to go!

You’ll learn:

  • the forward stroke
  • switching paddling sides
  • stopping and slowing down
  • basic steering and turning your board
  • how to go into the water safely if you’re falling
  • what to do to get back on the board from the water

You’ll go from never being on a board to paddling at an intermediate level in 1 session!

We’ll also go over equipment so that you know how to get the most out of yours

Once you’re able to safely paddle on flat water the next step to having more fun on the water is to be able to thrive under more challenging conditions.

You’ll learn:

  • how to get more out of ALL your paddle strokes
  • how to handle choppy water, boat wakes, etc
  • the basics of walking your board
  • advanced steering strokes
  • pivot turning your board

The key to developing ANY skill is consistently using the techniques you’ve learned as well as learning new techniques to add to your skill set. These 90 minute instructed training sessions are offered multiple times each week.

Each training session includes:

  • pre-paddling warm up mobility and activation exercises
  • on the water technique development drills
  • on the water physical conditioning intervals
  • post paddling SUP specific stretches & exercises

For those interested in competing in races, we will go to races as a team. We’ll provide specific training for each race we go to as well as review race strategy for each individual who will be competing. Though we can’t guarantee you’ll finish on top of the podium, we can provide you with the tools necessary to have YOUR most enjoyable racing experiences!

  • Race Starts & Race Finishes
  • The Tahitian Stroke
  • Buoy & Race Turns
  • Downwinding
  • From the Ground Up Biomechanics Clinic

Have you ever wanted to just put life on hold so you could focus on NOTHING but training for a specific race or event on your bucket list? Come to sunny Central Florida and we can help you prepare for events like Chatta-Jack, Carolina Cup, Gorge Paddle Challenge, 1 Class Races, etc! You’ll be immersed with nothing but training and studying all aspects of preparing you for your best performance. This includes nutrition, on and off the water conditioning, as well as a personalized strategies to facilitate you having your best race experience.

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1 on 1 PERSONAL TRAINING caters to YOUR specific needs to accomplish YOUR goals. NOTHING beats having the guidance and unique insight of a qualified instructor, with a meticulous eye, who can customize every aspect of your training as well as your nutrition and has your best interest at heart. Be it weight loss or gain, developing strength, endurance, increasing your mobility, improving your paddling technique, conditioning for a specific race, competition preparation or an endless array of other desired results, an experienced, well trained professional instructor can provide you with the tools to achieve YOUR goals.

PRIVATE TRAINING is available by appointment. Instructors can also be available to set up customized clinics and/or personalized training for small groups at your location.


Better Biomechanics = Better Performance


At Optimal SUP we offer the instruction necessary to develop into an elite athlete. However, competing is NOT a requirement to receive high level, professional instruction and proper training. So those just wanting to get in shape and have fun on the water are more than welcome to join us!

We are here to help YOU achieve YOUR goals and make the process as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.