Instruments of Euphoria


Paddleboards come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate the paddler's weight and skill set for different paddleboarding activities- racing, touring, surfing, yoga, etc.

Feel free to call, message, or email us with any questions you may have to assist you in figuring out the right board for YOU.


Not all paddles are created equal. Paddles can be made of a variety of materials, come in lengths, blade sizes and shapes to match the paddler’s height, skill set, paddling activity and budget. The right paddle, set up specifically for YOU, can make the difference between an AWESOME experience on the water and a sore shoulder, back, etc. Before getting on the water feel free to reach out to us for professional advice on navigating through the plethora of paddles on the market to find the right paddle and its set up for your best paddling experience!


Currently, unless surfing breaking waves, a paddleboard is considered by the US Coast Guard to be a “vessel”. Per Federal Regulation EVERYONE on a vessel is required to have a USCG approved PFD (Personal Flotation Device) on the vessel or on them. Fortunately PFDs come in a variety of forms ranging from the traditional orange foam life vest, to inflatable variants which include both vests and low profile waist packs, which is the form factor of choice for most experienced stand up paddleboarders. So finding a PFD that’s comfortable, functional, and in compliance with USCG Regulations generally isn’t too difficult to find. Interestingly enough, if one is paddling in breaking waves then the paddleboard you’re standing on is considered a surfboard.

All of the above considered, wearing your PFD is just good commonsense. In addition to the legal aspects, it could save your life if you get separated from the board you're riding.


Just like putting a leash on your dog for a walk in the park, being tethered to the board you’re riding prevents you from being separated from it. Leashes are typically attached to one’s ankle, calf or waist and usually have either a straight cord or a coiled cord. What type of paddling you’ll be doing and your own personal preferences will determine which leash set up will work best for a particular application.

We’re happy to help you get set up with the perfect leash for you to have a more enjoyable time on the water!


A board without a fin is like a bus with no wheels! Fins facilitate the forward trajectory of your board. The best way to appreciate the difference a fin makes is by paddling a board without a fin. You’ll quickly understand and appreciate the necessity of having a fin in the water!

There are a variety of different fins and fin set ups for different boards and activities. Much like the keel on a sailboat, a fin can help minimize push by wind and waves that would otherwise make it much more difficult to stay on course. Larger fins tend to be more stable, offering better tracking, however they can sometimes make turning a little more challenging. Smaller fins tend to offer less stability, can be faster and offer more maneuverability.

A fin designed to enhance ones performance on flatwater probably won’t provide as enjoyable of an experience in a downwind/surfing situation and vice versa. If there are weeds in the water you’re paddling on you might want a fin which is raked back to shed weeds rather than a more vertical fin which holds them. Getting stuck trying to get past some weeds isn’t nearly as fun as being able to cruise through an area.

Tracking Your Training

If you're enjoying paddleboard yoga or just casually seeing the world from the water a device providing training data probably isn't going to make a difference. However, if you're racing or in anyway serious about your on the water training and conditioning having a way to track what you're doing is a REQUIREMENT! Much like a cycling computer which tracks and displays speed, pedal revolutions, time, etc, there are devices which provide provide similar information specific for SUP and other paddle sports. Unfortunately there are far less devices on the market for paddle sports than are available for cycling.

Of the devices currently available there is one standout which is a game changer for anyone serious about training on the water- the NK SpeedCoach. Whether you're a serious athlete or a weekend fitness enthusiast, an NK SpeedCoach will provide all the data you'll need to take your performance to the next level.

For more information feel free to call, message, or email us with your questions about the NK SpeedCoach.

Racks and Board Transport

So you found your perfect board, paddle, etc. Now you need a way to transport your new Instruments of Euphoria...

Unless your perfect board worked out to be an inflatable, it most likely won't fit in the back seat of your car. Fortunately there are rack systems available for virtually every make and model of vehicle. In addition to a basic rack there are also accessories designed specifically to make transporting your equipment convenient and secure like Lockracks.

For professional advice on transporting your favorite Instruments of Euphoria feel free to call, message, or email us.

The right equipment for a better experience

Though the equipment doesn't make the athlete, having the "right" equipment certainly doesn't hurt! The right equipment allows you to perform at YOUR best. We can help you figure out which equipment will best serve YOUR purposes and YOUR unique paddling style.