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Considering getting a paddle board? GREAT! Here’s a good place to start.

Paddle boards come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate the paddler’s weight and skill set for different paddle boarding activities- racing, touring, fishing, surfing, yoga, etc.

Race Boards

For those looking for high performance and speed start your search by looking at race boards. Like the name implies, they move through the water with more speed and efficiency than other board shapes. They’re longer and narrower and require a little more skill to maneuver. Fortunately, with the right instruction, those skills can be developed quickly. Those wanting speed will accept nothing less than a light weight, high quality, full carbon race board.

Rec Boards

Boards built with relaxation in mind, “Rec” boards, come in 3 main styles – touring, fishing, and yoga.

Touring boards– typically wider than a race board, touring boards may share some of the same attributes as a race shape including a long length and pointed nose. Additional stabilization and anchor points for camping gear, lights, or anything you might need for a day on the water, a weekend of SUP camping, or lunch and a cold one on your favorite island!

Fishing boards– offer special attachments for gear, fishing poles, tackle boxes, and even a chair! With considerably more volume and stability than most board shapes, the 30lb bass on your line won’t be taking you for a swim!

Yoga boards– are wider, flat topped, round nosed, usually offer some anchor points for bands/straps/water bottle, and are typically the slowest of the rec styles. Trading speed for stability so you can get your vinyasa flow on without worrying that downward dog will send you in the drink.

SUP Surfboards

If you want to shred on a wave having a board both short enough to make sharp turns and stable enough for you to paddle out over the white-water will be what you’re looking for. Much like traditional surfboards, SUP surfboards come in a variety of different shapes and volumes to accommodate riders of different abilities and sizes. These are definitely specialty boards.


ALL of the above listed shapes have inflatable options. Though the on water performance of inflatable boards don’t yet match up to their solid constructed counterparts, they’re an excellent option for those who don’t have the desire or means to travel with and/or store a 10+ foot instrument of pleasure!

We understand that each person has their own unique wants and desires. Because paddleboards are sexy, feel free to reach out to us to help you figure out the best equipment to facilitate YOUR happy en-, ehh, your best time on the water! Lol